Professional Handheld Dynamic Microphone MIC-BK Black

Microphone with 3.5mm Connector - Black

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  • Item Code: MIC-BK
  • Manufacture: Universal
  • Model: Universal
  • Style: Microphone
Professional Handheld Dynamic Microphone
This is a handheld unidirectional dynamic microphone offering a cost-effective solution for reproduction of vocals and speech in public address and live stage applications.
This wired microphones has dynamic element that offers high output, can be used as a professional microphones, audio, home, entertainment, audio/video.
Low-noise circuitry keeps undesired hiss to a minimum while the unidirectional polar pattern attenuates pickup of ambient sound.
A built-in acoustic pop filter reduces plosives and aids in keeping moisture and dust away from the capsule.
An on/off switch is provided for convenient muting of the mic between speeches or performances.
Features a durable, lightweight plastic body with a steel mesh grille and includes a 16 feet cable.

- Ideal for vocals and speech
- Dynamic moving-coil element
- Unidirectional polar pattern provides enhanced rejection of sound at the off-axis points
- High immunity to feedback
- Built-in acoustic pop filter reduces plosives and noise from gusts of air
- Lightweight plastic body with steel mesh grille
- On/off switch for convenient muting between periods of use