Waterproof Bike/Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder Bike-69

Universal Bike Holder-69

  • UPC Code: 845126037543
  • Item Code: HOL-BIKE-69
  • Manufacture: Universal
  • Model: Universal
  • Style: Bike Holder
Universal Magnetic Waterproof Mobile Phone Bracket Holder for bicycles and motorcycles Bike-69

Product features:
Rain proof (not soaked in water), 360-degree rotation, foldable bracket, simple and practical


1. large size design, suitable for most models within 6.5 inches in the market

2. Built-in sealing ring can effectively cope with most rainy days

3. Multi-axis folding base, which can freely adjust various angles

4. Built-in magnet can effectively fix the mobile phone without shifting

5. Open the window on the back of the shell, and take out the mobile phone to take pictures

6. There are data cables and headphone jacks accesible at the bottom

- Material: ABS+PVC+ nylon plus fiber

- Weight: 350g (including color box)

- Product dimensions: L:193*99.2*25mm (outer dimension)/S:178*92*25mm (outer dimension)

Package Included:

1* bracket, 1* bicycle mounting base, 1* magnetic sheet, 1* small wrench,1* color box