Portable Boombox Bluetooth Speaker BTSP M101 Black

Round Boombox Bluetooth Speaker M101 - Black

  • UPC Code: 845126013707
  • Item Code: BTSP-M101-BK
  • Manufacture: Universal
  • Model: Universal
  • Style: Bluetooth Speaker
Portable Boombox Bluetooth Speaker BTSP M101 with Strap

User Manual
I. Features
1. Strong performing magnetic circuit, high-sensitivity speaker with low-frequency shock and perfect high-frequency representation.
2. Includes the latest decoding chips supporting stable playback of MP3 up to 32GB U disk/TF card.
3. FM radio reception - high-quality digital radio with automatic channel search and storage of up to 60 channels.
4. 3. 5mm AUX audio input for each connection to a wide range of sound sources 3. 5mm AUX audio input for each connection to a wide range of sound sources.
5. Built-in high-capacity battery for consecutive playback of up to 6 hours.
6. Includes 2 x MIC inputs, adjustable reverb, voice and Karaoke function for outstanding audio and plug-and-play performance.
7. Battery with built-in recharging protection for a long performance life.
8. Low battery and full charge indicator.
9. Includes belt/handle design for portable and on the go commutes.
10. Connect via audio output or Bluetooth to external sound sources.
11. Recording features included.

II. Recording
Recording via External Microphone:
Connect a storage device (USB/TF card) and short press RECORD key to start recording for desired time depending on the storage capacity. During recording, tune the "-ECHO+" knob to minimum. Microphone should be pointed away from the speaker to prevent feedback.
Note: This product starts recording from the time as displayed on the LED screen.

III. Bluetooth pairing operation and related parameters:
1.Power: switch the power to ON. Press 'MODE' until the display screen will show "BLUE".
2.Switch on the Bluetooth function of your device and pair. Device will show as 'AP-M101'. Pair devices. If you need to enter a passcode simply use "0000" pair devices. After pairing successfully the speaker will confirm with voice command.
3.Select the media/music you want to play to experience your new product!

IV. Functional Operations and Features

1. LED Screen.
2. Master Volume: In MP3/FM/AUX mode, use this to adjust volume output from the speaker.
3. TF Port: Insert TF card with capacities up to 32GB.
4. USB Port: Read audio files in MP3 format with USB storage device. Capacity up to 32G (FAT32).
5. : Whilst playing, short press it to select the previous channel. In FM receiving status, short press it to select the previous channel after a full station search has been performed.
6. : Whilst playing, short press it to play/pause, or long press it to select one of four playback modes (All - play all tracks in sequence; ONE - repeat one track). In AUX input / FM radio status, short press it to toggle between mute and normal volume.
7. : Whilst using USB/TF card playback, short press it to go to the next song. In FM mode short press to select the next channel after a full station search has been performed.
8. Mode/SHIFT: short press to toggle between USB/TF and FM receiving modes. Long press to toggle between recording folder and MP3 folder.
9. Record/Delete: short press to enable recording (make sure to connect USB/TF drive first). During recording, reverb should be turned to lowest setting. Long press to delete recorded file.
10. Auxiliary/Mic input.
11. Aux In: External sound source input (plug-and-play).
12. TREBLE: Treble adjusting control.
13. REVERB: Reverb adjusting control.
14. MIC VOLUME: Mic. volume adjusting control.
16. DC 9V charging port.
17. : Genre Switching: In USB/TF mode short press to select which genre (Default, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic and Club).
18. SCAN: In FM Radio mode, long press to perform a full search (it is recommended to do at least one full search before using Radio FM mode. All stations will be saved even when switched off).
19. Battery Indicator LED - Red light indicates charging. Blue light indicates 100% charge (full battery).
20. MIC Input: External input for plug-and-play (microphones and instruments).
21. MIC Priority: Connect microphone. Short press to automate 'Mic priority' effect to prevent external interference.
22. AUDIO OUT: Audio output
23. Continuous Power (20W + 5W) X2

Low Battery:
Please be sure to charge device if battery and sound is at a low capacity.

In The Box:
1 X Bluetooth Speaker
1 X Strap
1 X Adapter
1 X User Manual