About Us

NEM Electronics Corp is proud of our long standing reputation as one of the leaders in the cellular accessory industry. For over a decade our attention to high quality, great customer service and bringing new and cutting edge products into the market has kept us on top of the cellular industry and we will continue to grow as technology advances.

NEM Electronics Corp serves clientele in the wholesale, retail and wireless industry all across the United States and throughout Latin and South America. We have the ability to ship anywhere in the world, with our manufacturing plant in China and our distribution center in Queens, New York. We are one of the only leading suppliers that provide high end products with private labeled packaging, allowing our customers to truly sell our products as their own.

Our efficient handling systems from checkout to shipping provide accurate order fulfillment, real-time tracking and guaranteed customer satisfaction on every order you place. Our highly experienced sales team is here to advise and help our customers no matter what requirements fulfill their cellular accessory needs. We always focus on achieving excellence in the service we give to our customers by providing quality products and professional service.

We thank you for visiting us on the web. If you have any questions on our products and services, please reach out and contact us!